Pool Service


Water World Pools and Spas will service your Pool and Spa on a Weekly or Bi-Weekly basis with NO CONTRACT!

Weekly Maintenance includes:

Testing water, balancing chemicals, pool cleaning (Vacuum/Brush/Debris removal) Empty Skimmer baskets, backwash filter as needed. We will also keep an eye out on your equipment to ensure everything is working properly and ALWAYS consult you first before any mechanical work is done.

All of this at $90/Hr. You will only be charged for time there! Our customers with an average pool, needing average maintenance spend about $45 each visit unless major cleaning needed.


Service Calls

Our very talented Service Technicians will come to your place and check out any issues regarding your pool and hot tub. We can diagnose problems, order parts and do the work for you! We are a CERTIFIED SUNDANCE SPA Service center, but also work on any and all other hot tubs and pools!